How To Steal An Election 101

  1. Flood the system with unsolicited, bulk ballots. Be sure to send them to pets too.
  2. Require no verification, signature check or ID.
  3. Be sure to make ballots for Trump mysteriously disappear.
  4. Have crates of spare ballots for Biden, just in case.
  5. Block all observers so they can’t see the fraudulent ballot processing in Democrat controlled jurisdictions.

I think we are looking at the biggest case of fraud and theft ever seen in this country. Bulk, mail-in ballots with no ID verification? How the fuck do you have thousands more ballots than registered voters, even after the legit absentee voters are eliminated? Why aren’t the FBI and DOJ investigating this?

Folks, civil war is coming. You better keep your family close, and your guns even closer, because I believe it’s about to get nasty…

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